Customized Pens and PencilsAnnouncing the arrival of baby Riley!

Why hand out smelly, “cigars” when a new baby is born?  Hand out something useful, like  custom branded “new arrival” pens!

Ordering custom pens is simple! You can find just about anything you’re looking for. Got a favorite brand of pen? Put your new little bundle’s name on it and hand them out to family and friends!  Browse our selection and pens Click Here then give us a call with any questions you have, or when you’re ready to place an order. Not sure that you’ve got exactly what you want? We will walk you through the process to make sure your order is exactly what you need the first time. Tell us if you didn’t find the products that you are seeking, we’ll find it for you!

Risinghill Marketing provides many popular pen styles. We have roller ball pens and gel pens, highlighters and even fountain pens! We supply well-known brands like Montblanc, Quill, Paper Mater, BIC, and more. Fancy or affordable? You choose! Give your clients, friends and employees something useful that will always remind them of your happy event.

Speaking of events, branded pens are the perfect way to advertise your new store opening, an address change, a new baby, a sales goal achieved, or to celebrate a banner year! From trade shows to job fairs, Risinghill Marketing has got you covered with custom pens or pencils.

As always, if you need help deciding, give us a call. We’re happy to discuss all of the options to figure out what works best for your company

Baby Pen


Pen Blowup

Did you know? 

(A study of custom branded pens and pencils– by Promotional Products Association Internatinal and BIC Graphics).

Ballpoint pens are the most popular writing instrument. They are used on a daily basis by those in every age and income group. Highlighters and markers are used occasionally to do task‐specific jobs. Pencils garner a love‐hate relationship, with 40 percent of respondents using them frequently while another 40% never use them at all. The remaining 20 percent of respondents utilize pencils occasionally.

People like their pens. When asked to provide detail about their preferences, end users ranked the following in order of preference: (1) Smooth ink flow, (2) Smudge proof ink, (3) Functionality, (4) Waterproof ink, (5) Made in the USA, (6) Retractable, (7) Meets safety standards, (8) Utility value, (9) Eco‐friendly, (10) Writes upside down, (11) Comes with refills, and (12) exclusiveness. 

People, who received one promotional pen in the past 12 months, their recall was high: 66.9 percent could recall the name of the advertiser and 52.5 percent could remember the message or the product/service information imprinted on the pen. Of those who received three or more pens in the last 12 months, slightly less than a third reported not being able to remember any one advertiser’s name.


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 Let us HELP you!

Shopping for the branded products can be overwhelming for many clients.
Risinghill Marketing wants to do the work for you!

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Cheers! – Alan

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